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About the artist

In the trees and grass interlacing on the bank of the fast mountain river there is a big and light house. Its doors are always open.

Long ago in the Middle Ages there was an oshibana school. Samurais comprehended the warrior’s way here. And oshibana was the part of that way, like the hieroglyphs writing or the sword using. The meaning of oshibana discovered when the master being in the total presence condition(satory), made a picture from the dry flowers(pressed flowers). Then that picturecould surve as a key, a guide for those, who was ready to come into the silence and to experience the very satory.

But the time was going on. The world was changing. The Ancient Japan was changing too. And then, a lot of centuries later, on that house threshold our countrymen appeared. And the things they met, was found very close. It was naturally, because for a long time our forefathers, lived with nature, learnt to follow its wisdom, listen to its beauty. And though the vanity of progress almost deprived us the possibility to hear and see the all living creatures, nevertheless something is left, and that responded and answered, meeting the oshibana. That house, which seemed to be strange and distant, quickly became very close.

A confluence of different cultures and ways of perception gave a lot of new, enricyed and widened possibilities of passin on the secret beauty. Oshibana was called flora for convenience.

And once I also came to that house and to my mind I came to the place I need, because the interest flashed at once and it is burning until now.

Vadim Rostotckiy My name is Rostotskiy Vadim. I was born in Ukraine and live in Moscow. I’m interested in: music, literature, martial arts (wing chun phat za kuen), industrial alpinism, eco-projects, web-design and different self-development systems.

At last I want to explain the word Veleos. It’s easy: VEsna(spring), LEto(summer), OSen(autumn) - all these give the strength and life, including our studio. And also the name says that authorship of the nature lays in a basis here. After all it is so because to say: ”I made it.” - is impossible, because inside we know - in nature everything exists in its perfection for a long time. And all the people’s attempts to create an alternative are only a copy. It only remains to find the invisible links and, hiding the breath, to stop the moment of silent…